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A Brief Look at J.R. Wilson

Having first met as Jane's Information Group colleagues on a train between the Farnborough Air Show and London in 1989, Wilson and Mahon have been close friends and business associates for more than two decades.

Wilson left Jane's and became a full-time freelance writer and editor in 1992. At the dawn of the Web two years later, he founded the predecessor to Pollux Communications LLC, publishing three of the Internet's first for-profit, online-only eZines.

A lack of adequate online technology to support that business model led Wilson to put Pollux on hold in 1997 and concentrate on freelance writing and editing. He built a solid business, drawing on his years as Jane's North American Group Editor, six years of public relations management with McDonnell Douglas Astronautics and Cubic Corporation, eight years as a reporter, bureau manager and editor with United Press International and a brief stint in the private sector as president and co-owner of a small RV aftermarket manufacturing company.

Wilson's writing career has included hundreds of articles in dozens of magazines around the world, online content and authoring or co-authoring more than 100 books. Those have been primarily focused on aerospace, defense, homeland security, medicine and high tech.

He also has become recognized as one of the world's leading writers on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - a title he shares with Mahon. The two also have been heavily involved with simulation and robotics and are co-authoring two novels, the first venture into fiction for both.

Wilson and Mahon officially joined forces again after the 2004 incorporation of Pollux Communications LLC in Nevada. Since that time, while continuing their individual freelance operations, Wlson and Mahon have worked steadily toward resurrecting Pollux as a vehicle for their joint and individual writing and publishing efforts, both online and off.