Pollux Communications LLC

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All others are merely printers.


About Pollux Communications LLC

One of the first on the World Wide Web

Pollux Publishing was founded in 1994 and debuted on the newly minted World Wide Web in 1995 with three full-length professional eZines – DefenseWeb, CompuWeb and AeroWeb. Unfortunately, the technology of the time was insufficient to properly support the venture's business model and, after two years of editorial success, it went into stasis.

Incorporated in Nevada in in 2004, Pollux Communications LLC is bringing it back to life, with a slightly modified focus that ultimately will include an extensive online bookstore, audio and video products and resources for freelance writers.


The resurrection of Pollux as an independant publisher and bookseller has gone through numerous trials and prototypes since 2004 as we seek the best approach to providing something new, fresh and useful to the Internet.

For now, Pollux Communications serves primarily as a foundation for the freelance work of its two owner/members - founder and Chief Executive Officer J.R. Wilson in the United States and Chief Operating Officer T.J. Mahon in the United Kingdom.



J.R. Wilson

With more than four decades of experience in nearly every news and information format, J.R. Wilson has established a worldwide reputation for speed, accuracy, versatility and reliability, from print to audio/video to Web content. His full CV is available at http://TheFreelancer.com

T J Mahon

Tim Mahon's three decades-plus in international sales, marketing and editorial production have made him both well-known and well-respected across the globe. Fluent in French, he has lived and worked throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the United States. His CV is available at http://www.tjmahonassociates.com/About-Us.html 




Freelance writing and editing for magazines, books, white papers, special reports, organizations and corporations by J.R. Wilson.

T J Mahon Associates

Freelance writing, editing and marketing support for magazines, books, white papers, special reports, organizations and corporations by Tim Mahon.

Pollux Media

Based in the US under the management of J.R. Wilson, Pollux Media is the Corporation's publishing outlet, creating Pollux-branded e-zines, e-books, online audio/video/editorial content, etc. Pollux Media also will be the imprint for the Corporation's physical products, such as books, special reports, CDs and DVDs.

Castor Consultancy

Based in the UK under the management of Tim Mahon, Castor Consultancy is Pollux's marketing and consulting twin under the common banner of The Gemini Matrix. Castor's editorial consultation services are available to any publisher - digital or paper - and to any corporate or independent marketing organization throughout the world.

The Gemini Matrix

The Gemini Matrix comes into play when a client requires the joint and seamless services offered by Pollux Media and Castor Consultancy, whether in the U.S., UK, EU or elsewhere in the world. Working as a single unit, the Gemini Matrix allows Pollux and Castor to provide comprehensive online and offline services with only a single point of contact for the client.



The Gemini Consortium has no products or service lines of its own. Rather, it provides full linkage between Pollux, Castor, TJM Associates and TheFreelancer, making it possible to combine the services and expertise of all into a single, tightly knit package for those who have need of it.

It also enables new and expanded future operations to benefit from a close working relationship with the existing entities comprising Pollux Communications LLC. New independent components that may be brought into the mix in the future - such as GreenBerry Enterprises - will fall under the Gemini Consortium on an equal standing with Pollux Communications.